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7-days trial, 100% money-back guarantee! 5-years warranty.

Do you ever wake up in the morning with neck or back pain? Then chances are you're feeling the effects of neck anxiety. 

It can manifest as a stiff neck, discomfort while moving, or even headaches. Over time, a pinched nerve can cause your muscles to become weak, and it can interfere with your ability to use your hands.

The good news is that it is never too late to help get this under control. And the best part is there are pillows that help you do this naturally, without the need for medications or treatment!

Get comfortable and pain-free sleep with Pillowblox!  🌙✨ 7-day trial, 100% money-back guarantee! 5-years product warranty 🌙✨

Your money back - returns is valid within 7 days after purchase. We are 100% certain you will be highly satisfied.


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Customer Reviews

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Sophia Sung
It is great!

After using it this past few months, I don't snore as much and have better sleep.

Jeffry Budiman
Enak banget ada 2 sisi firm dan soft

Yang keren adalah bantal ini ada 2 sisi : soft dan firm, saya pakai yang sisi soft untuk tidur. Karena relatif tipis, saya masih pakai bantal biasa sebagai ganjalan supaya posisi lebih pas di kepala saya pas tidur nyamping.

Kelvin Halim
Side sleeper’s dream

Im awed by the quality of sleep that im getting. Never going back to other pillows. Best for side sleeper

Sanchiko Fenty Tjendrakasih

Comfortable and I no longer snoring.







10 Reason Why Choose Pillowblox?

  1. Designed by Side Sleeper for Side Sleepers
  2. Free Delivery all over Indonesia
  3. Revolutionize your sleep with Pillowblox, designed exclusively for side sleepers
  4. Engineered for natural spine curvature, promoting alignment
  5. We offer 7-day trial with a 100% refund
  6. It's the greatest GIFT for side sleepers who #DaretoDream
  7. Reduces snoring by aligning the spine and maintaining open airways
  8. Invest in your health with deeper sleep and proper neck support
  9. Choose Pillowblox, the key to optimal comfort and support during your nightly rest
  10. Say goodbye to neck pain, support your head, maintain a 90-degree angle.
  • Tencel Pillow Cover

  • Natural Latex and Advanced Memory Foam

  • High Quality Knitted Fabric

  • Dual-Sided Design

  • Durability, Antimicrobial, and Anti-allergenic

  • Washable Pillow Cover

Pillowblox - Children's Head Pillow

Introducing Pillowblox Kids - not just an ordinary pillow, but also a healthy sleeping companion for your little one!

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